Gurue Macadamia Farm

Healthy profits


The Gurue Macadamia Farm in Mozambique has 85,000 macadamia trees that produce one million macadamia nuts annually. 130 Mozambicans work on the plantation, guided by the Biblical principles of respect, justice and decent wages, as well as transparency, fairness and the fulfilment of promises. The aim is to make a profit and to expand the plantation to a total of 200,000 trees. They have the land already

This desire for growth is good news for the local population as it means more employment. But it will also result in a greater investment in O Viveiro, the local health and wellness programme. As part of this programme, every two weeks, Dutch doctors visit the nearby villages to treat the sick, either at local clinics or people’s homes. This has a huge, positive impact on the recovery of many patients. In addition to medical care, wellness workers provide education on relationships, hygiene and the prevention of illnesses such as malaria and HIV.