The nieuweWij

Inspired entrepreneurship in the municipality of Lansingerland


The nieuweWij is a collaboration between Lansingerland’s companies, residents and the municipality. It’s a new approach to social services, intended for people who are in need of support. People who are unemployed, in debt or who are facing problems and could use a helping hand. From employment, youth welfare and everything to do with the Social Support Act, to debt relief and elderly care: there’s the right support for everyone. All these services are housed together in one building.

Volunteers, entrepreneurs, tradesmen and women, care providers and carers all pitch in to ensure that resources are utilised and people’s talents are harnessed. They do this because they know that a helping hand can be the difference between despair and hope. This results in social services that are there for the people that need them. That’s the nieuweWij.

Het Nieuwe Wij | Green Sparkle