Who are we

Green Sparkle is a stewardship fund for the earth. It promotes our family values, and that’s important to us. With these values at our core, we share our knowledge and financial resources with sustainable entrepreneurs and creative minds who are passionate about contributing towards the creation of a sustainable society. Because improvement starts with working together to create change.

We respect life

The name: Green Sparkle

Green refers to nature, and everything that’s natural—the foundation of life. It also represents fresh, new life, innovation and change, as nature must constantly change to maintain its balance.

Sparkle is about glimmering, shining and lighting a spark that’s contagious. A single spark can light a fire of change.

Putting our values into practice

Our values are deeply embedded in everything we do. We’re convinced that shared personal and company values are a powerful glue.
To unite colleagues, customers and suppliers. To enable sustainable growth. To work towards a sustainable future. This is what we want to contribute towards.

And we put our words into action.

  1. In everything we do, we strive towards the creation of a better world. In our operations, cooperation, attitude and behaviour.
  2. We are deeply committed and take responsibility. We want our presence to matter. We support sustainable initiatives and companies that will make a positive difference.
  3. We work together. We collaborate with entrepreneurs who share our values wholeheartedly and derive enjoyment and fulfilment from these values.
  4. We think in terms of possibilities. We’re curious and are open to new thoughts, ideas and ways of doing things.
  5. We create and marvel. We create together and marvel at the possibilities.
  6. We respect one another and bridge our differences. We notice other people’s talents and help them flourish.
  7. We are open and accessible. We care about others, live by our principles, listen to our consciences and offer help.
  8. We are reliable, honest and transparent. We do business without any hidden agendas, speak the truth and meet our agreements and promises.
  9. We are inspired by nature and want to harness its power and learn from it. We continuously improve and innovate.
  10. We respect life.

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Our Core values