Royal Lemkes

Together we make the world greener


Royal Lemkes is a European market leader in the supply of plants to large-scale retailers in diverse segments: DIY chains, garden centres, discount supermarkets, full-service supermarkets and homeware shops. The company believes in plants. Plants give us better lives, vital businesses and help to create a greener world. Environments with plants encourage a feeling of wellbeing. They boost your mood, give off oxygen and absorb CO2.

Royal Lemkes strives for sustainable growth and wants to make the world more social and green. Because, ultimately, we are borrowing the earth from our children and grandchildren. The company wants to be a role model in the green sector and works with its chain partners to increase its sustainability: from the seed, to the plant purchased by the consumer. They are leaders in generating sustainable energy and collaborate with their partners in MPS, Global GAP, Floriculture Sustainability Initiative, Benefits of Nature and MVO Nederland.

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